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Wire Information

Our Wire Transfer services provide a reliable, secure method for transferring domestic or international payments—with detailed routing and transaction information; typically getting domestic funds to their destination on the same day.

Sending* a wire transfer?

Planning on sending money to a family member or friend, you will need the following information from their bank:

Receiving Bank Information

  1. Bank Name
  2. ABA Routing #
  3. Receiver Bank Address
  4. Beneficiary Bank Account Number
  5. Beneficiary Bank Address

Recipient Information

  1. Recipient Name
  2. Account #
  3. Recipient Address

Receiving** wired funds?

A friend or family member trying to send you money, please makes sure they provide their bank with the following information:


Domestic Incoming:

  1. Receiving Bank: 111010170 TIB- The Independent Bankers Bank
  2. Beneficiary Bank: Bank of Wolcott: 074913194, account number: (at TIB) 1026467
  3. Beneficiary: Customer name and Account number

International Incoming:

  1. SWIFT Bank: TIB – The Independent Bankers Bank USA
  2. SWIFT Code: TIBBUS44 – TIB – The Independent Bankers
  3. Bank Beneficiary Bank: 074913194, Bank of Wolcott, 105 N Range St Wolcott, IN
  4. Beneficiary: Beneficiary (customer) name, address and account number

Have Additional Questions

  • Visit any Bank of Wolcott location for additional information or to send a wire
  • Call us at 219-279-2185 with any questions

*Bank of Wolcott will not send wires after 2:00pm EST or on Saturdays
** Wires are received up until 4:00pm EST Monday – Friday, no wires are received on Saturdays