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Safe Deposit Boxes

Wills, insurance documents, jewelry or back-up data file, our safe deposit boxes provide security and easy access for your hard-to-replace valuables. All boxes are kept in a secure vault and are available in a range of sizes and rental fees.

  • Access is limited to renters or authorized agents only
  • Boxes are dual controlled – bank has one key, renter has the other and both keys are required to open the box
  • Private viewing rooms for you to view the contents during banking hours
  • Set up rent to be automatically debited from your Bank of Wolcott checking/savings account
  • Ideal for personal or business

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Safe Deposit Boxes available in Wolcott and Monticello only.

The contents of Safe Deposit Boxes are not insured by the FDIC or Bank of Wolcott.

Safe Deposit Box